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10 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives 2018

Adobe Photoshop is the best photoshop editor but if you thing there is only editor which you can use for editing any photos then here we are providing you best Alternatives of Adobe Photoshop software.


GIMP is an free, open source photoshop alternative. GIMP provides best tool options like painting tools, color correction, cloning, selection and etc.GIMP is compatible with all file formats. So if you are looking for any photoshop alternative then GIMP is best choice for you.




2. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo
Affinity photo is best photo editor. It is fully compatible with all file formats. Affinity Photo provides you multiple features like it provides you new light user interface option, new glyph browser, higher speed, align to key items, unlimited undo, fit frame to text, it supports unlimited layers and etc. Serif Affinity Photo is available on macOS, iOS and Windows. So if you are searching for any alternative to Photoshop then Affinity Photo will be really good for you.




3. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is amazing photo editor.its pro version comes with the more powerful and solid features like it has a more usable single-window interface, it properly focus on image which you are editing. So this alternative of Photoshop is really best choice for you to edit any image.




4. Pixlr

Pixlris beautiful, powerful and image editor which is cloud-based set of image tools. Pixlr is free and easy so you can us it wherever and whenever you want. Pixlr provides you 600+ effects, overlays or borders. It also gives you cropping, re-sizing and much more some basic things like all photo editors have.




5. is the Software of image editor is developed on .NET Framework. Paint.Net is a free Photoshop alternative which provides you multiple special effects, unlimited undo, tile and repeat selections,support for layers and so much more things which you want from any image editor.




6. SUMO Paint

SUMO Paint
SUMO Paint is online Flash-based image editor.Its free version is very usable but it also paid for pro version. It has all slandered tools like Brushes, pencils, text, gradients and so much more which you can easily access.




7. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is beautiful, easy and fun image editor which is developed by MOOII Tech, Korea. PhotoScape provides amazing features like you can attach multiple photosto create one ultimate photo,resizing,adding text, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, red eye,zoom in on images,convert RAW to JPG and so much more. By PhotoScape you can also edit photos which you had taken from digital cameras or any mobile phones. So PhotoScape is stunning and best Photoshop Alternative which you can use.




8. Polarr

Polarr is the best photo editor for students, bloggers and photo professionals. Polarr gives powerful and solid features to its users like it provides expandable and collapsible workspace, provides you 50+ filters, ability to batch export your photos, add watermark, resizing, sharpen, it has several local adjustments areas, unlimited undo, keyboard shortcuts and etc. So polar is amazing Photoshop alternative.




9. Krita

krita is free and open-sourcephotoshop alternative. Which you stunning User Interface, amazing tool options, and it supports full color management. krita is best image and graphic editor.




10. MyPaint

MyPaint is amazing, fast and highly creative photo editor. Its free and open-source software which was developed by Martin Renold. MyPaint comes with features like you can easy to use its brush collection, many special effects, unlimited undo and etc.




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